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Plan a solo trip or gather your friends for a flyfishing exploration into the tropical waters of spectacular Astove Atoll, Seychelles.

Astove Atoll supports one of the largest populations of Giant Trevallies in the world and is known as the best place in the Indian Ocean to catch the large flats-caught Giant Trevallies. The atoll circles a shallow lagoon which is a sanctuary for small fish and is surrounded by sheer drop-offs including the ‘Wall’, a famous 90-degree drop of nearly a kilometre. The unique geography of this rugged and wild atoll makes it one of the most incredible remote locations to explore in Seychelles

This tropical paradise is the place to be if you want to try your hand at catching a big fish like Yellowfin tuna, dogtooth and milkfish off the wall, or giant trevally and sharks in the lagoon or flats. Venture into the shallows of the lagoon and fly for triggerfish and bonefish. 

Ideal for solo flyfishers and friends, the newly built Astove Atoll Lodge atolls offer six guests per week exclusive access to the small, remote lodging. The lodge is completely offline with no Wi-Fi or cell reception, making it the perfect place to unwind and unplug from the rush of the world beyond the shoreline.

Good to Know

Accommodation Options
Coral House
Yellowfin Tuna | Dogtooth | Milkfish | Triggerfish | Bonefish
Perfect For
Solo anglers | Small groups of friends
Ideal Seasons
September to April