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"GI had the most unbelievable privilege in December 2020 of spending two weeks on the idyllic atoll of Cosmoledo. We were able to enjoy both a neap and spring tide which was really special as it gave us the ability of experiencing fantastic GT fishing whilst also targeting all the other exciting species like good size Bonefish, triggerfish and the holy graille - permit. I have been very fortunate to have fished all over the Seychelles and Cosmo certainly did not let us down with over 200 GTs caught in the first week and a similar number in the second with some anglers achieving their lifetime best! The camp was really comfortable and the entertainment and bar a haven for thirsty fisherman! All credit must go to Upstream and especially Justin Kemp in putting this trip together in the midst of Covid,. The regulations around Covid and international travel were intricate and constantly changing and Justin did a fantastic job of keeping everyone updated and organising all requirements seamlessly. He is also a fantastic tourist and did everything possible to ensure we all had a fantastic experience. I was also very lucky to be part of a great group of guys who were equally enthusiastic on the flats and in the bar!! Humour was the order of the day and many stories were expertly regaled with appropriate embellishment! Hopefully I will get the opportunity of touring with Kempy and visiting Cosmo in the not too distant future! Thanks Upstream!"

Patrick Quarmby,


"Genesis Chapter 1! – I’m sure not much has changed at Cosmo over 2000 years. There is so much life wherever you look, from turtles, sharks, rays and, of course, GT’s. You can never tire of this island. The accommodation, food and facilities belie how remote this place is and what an adventure it is to get there. The GT fishing is as good as it gets, with relatively straight forward opportunities (although it doesn’t mean you won’t blow 75% of your shots as the adrenaline surges!) I have had the opportunity to fish Cosmo a few times and I would say Cosmo is streaks ahead in GT and triggers numbers, and offers ample opportunity to cast to bigger bonefish. Every saltwater fly fisherman has to go but, once you go there, you’ll find yourself dreaming of your next return."

Michael Solomons,


"Cosmoledo in Seychelles is the ‘GT capital of the world’ and we caught an insane number of GT’s during our time on the Atoll, and plentiful numbers of all the other big 5 species. Cosmo also happens to be one of the most remote and beautiful destinations on the planet, which we enjoyed with a fantastic bunch of people. Thank you, Kempy and Upstream, for an awesome trip. It was truly the best!"

Bruce Neill,


"Alphonse is probably one of the most beautiful islands you will ever travel to. The whole set-up is incredible. The accommodation is perfect and bicycle transport makes travel easy. Due to the favourable price offering, many South Africans go with spouses and family which make for an unforgettable social trip alongside the fishing. From the moment you meet after breakfast at the fishing centre and leave for the other-worldly St Francois atoll, another groundhog perfect day begins. Alphonse is without a doubt the best bonefish fishery on the planet but you still have a realistic chances at landing triggers, GT’s, Permit and milkfish. The variability in the wind as the monsoon seasons switch is as good as it gets. The water has rested for a few months and the fish just seem hungrier. Having been to Alphonse some 6 or 7 times now at different months and tides, I would definitely choose that first week of season as my next fly-fishing trip."

Michael Solomons,

Selous Game Reserve

"Bordering the southwest corner of the famous Selous Game Reserve are two rivers, the Ruhiji and Manere, which are both filled with massive Tiger fish. We enjoyed beautiful wild scenery and birding that was off the charts. The camps are rustic, comfortable and wild. Selous is, in my experience, the best Tiger fishery in Africa by a long way. Thank you, Upstream and Kempy, for another incredible and memorable fly fishing trip!"

Bruce Neill,