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This one-of-a-kind saltwater fly fishing location is based out of the small town of Port Gentil that lies on the edge of Loanga National Park and the Atlantic Ocean. The wild stretch of coastline offers anglers the opportunity to target giant tarpon and many more exciting species on fly.

The expanse of river systems and coastal lagoons are lined with mangrove forests – and are home to the gargantuan West African Tarpon up to 280lbs, which have been caught on fly.

Tarpon are known for their strength and stamina, making them one of the great saltwater game fish! With a fighting ability and aerial leaps, these tarpon will treat you to a flyfishing experience of a lifetime

Start the day chasing Guinean barracuda, whitefin jacks and juvenile snapper. Or fish against the backdrop of the pristine tropical rainforests of Loanga National Park. Battle it out with the abundance of large and aggressive fish like big tarpon, African cubera snapper, and giant African threadfin.

Venture off the beaten track and target giant tarpon along the longest stretch of untouched coastline left on the African continent. 

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Gargantuan West African Tarpon | Jack Crevalle | Longfin Jacks | Cubera Snapper | Giant African Threadfin | Guinean Barracuda | West African Grunter
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