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Cape Town

Join us at Upstream Adventures for a guided saltwater flyfishing trip for Cape Yellowtail, a species that is undoubtedly on every saltwater angler’s bucket list.

These powerful game fish are known for their fighting abilities, offering anglers a challenging fight. These powerful game fish will earn your respect! Fish from aboard our 19ft Fusion flyfishing boat fitted with a casting platform and lean bar to allow you to level with these incredible fighting gamefish.

Yellowtail can be targeted throughout the year thought the best fishing is found inside and around Cape Point during the warmer, summer season. During the colder, winter months we’ll head into the deep to target Yellowtail in the waters around Robben and Dassen Island.

The waters of the Cape are not only home to lone cape Yellowfish, but plenty feeding shoals and other exciting saltwater species to fish on fly. If the conditions are right, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish such as snoek, katonkel, mackerel and bream.

Join us offshore for a guided day tour which includes:

  • Fly fishing aboard our 19-foot customised Fusion boat
  • All necessary boat licenses and launch fees
  • All flyfishing tackle (rods, reels, lines) and terminal gear – including flies
  • Photography to capture the day

The weather plays an important factor when targeting these fish on fly, so please give us a call in advance when looking to make a booking.

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